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HANDICAPPING: When playing each other, the Novice player will start with a score of +3 and the D player will start with a score of -2.
It will still be 3 games to 11 and when a player plays another of the same level, both will start off with 0 as in the past.
Players with (+) behing thier name start with an additional -3 points against non(+)players.


We request players wear "approved protective" eye wear at all times when playing racquetball.

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NO LEAGUE May 27th-Memorial day
League schedule for June 3rd:

An {N} behind a member's name on the schedule denotes a novice player.
A {+} behind a member's name denotes an advanced player.

6PM > 1v9
7PM >  10v8, 11v7, 12v6
8PM >  13v5, 14v4, 15v3
9PM>   16v2, 17v20, 18v19

Three games to 11 points adjusted as follows:
#v# begins game at (0)v(0)
#(N)v#(N) begins game at (0)v(0)
#v#(N) begins game at (-2)v(+3)
#(N)v# begins game at (+3)v(-2)
Players with {+} behind thier name on the full schedule start with an additional -3 against non{+} players

NOTE: If this page has not been updated for the current week, please contact AL Reagle, thanks.

UNPLAYED MATCHES as of May 20th:
8v13, 9v12, 2v17, 3v16, 6v13, 1v17, 2v13, 3v12, 17v15, 6v7, 17v13, 20v10, 2v9, 17v11, 16v10, 20v6, 13v11, 15v9, 16v8, 17v7, 18v6, 20v4, 15v7, 18v4,14v6, 16v4,

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