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NOTE: Due to the size of this league there will be some rules I think everyone needs to keep in mind so we can have a smooth running league.
A lot of our members want to just play doubles but this is still a singles league and will be conducted as such as follows.

  • #1-The 10 MINUTE Forfeit rule will be enforced. That means if you aren't on the court playing your scheduled match and/or haven't notified your opponent and the league manager in advance you will be forfeited.
  • #2-When both players are present for a scheduled match, neither player is eligible for doubles during thier scheduled match unless the match was played in advance.
  • #3-Scheduled matches have first priority on court usage. The league manager may remove players when they go past their allotted hour of play time because they started late.
  • #4-Any match not scheduled for the allotted time must be approved by the league manager such as make-ups, early matches, rescheduled matches and/or doubles.
  • #5-Doubles will have priority over singles when there is not a scheduled and/or other match approved by the league manager.
  • #6- If a scheduled match is scheduled at the top of the hour while doubles are playing, the doubles will stop, regardless of the score, and release the court for the scheduled match to begin at its scheduled time.
  • #7-ONLY current league members may play on league courts. If any player is on a court and not a league member, the game will be stopped and that player asked to leave the court. I expect all our members to inform any non-league member that wants to play on the reserved courts that they are not allowed unless approved in advance by the league manager.
  • #8-11am, Court #1 will become a Doubles Challenge court. After winning 3 consecutive games the winning team must yield to 2 new teams, one of which could be the team that just lost if 2 new teams aren't available.
  • #9-As always, the league manager has the final word in any and all discrepancies.
  • #10-Please write a complete description of any rules you don't agree with and/or think need to be changed the way you want it on the line between the brackets (_____) and it will be considered whenever. NOTE: All comments and descriptions must be within the brackets to be considered.

  • We request players wear "approved protective" eye wear at all times when playing racquetball.

    25-May-2019 1:14 PM

    League scheduled for June 1st:

    9 AM> 1v17, 18v16, 19v15
    10 AM>
     2v13, 3v12
    11 AM>
     Crt#1 dbls, 4v11, 5v10
    12 PM>
     Crt#1 dbls, 6v9, 7v8
    1 PM>
    Crt#1 dbls,

    NOTE: If this page has not been updated for the current week or has an error, please contact AL Reagle, thanks.

    UNPLAYED MATCHES as of May 25th:
    2v19, 4v17, 5v16, 9v12, 10v11, 4v15, 5v14, 1v18, 5v12, 6v11,

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