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June 17th, 2021 throught October 14th, 2021

This page last updated: 11-Jun-2021 10:20 AM

AND THE June 10th, 2021 WINNERS ARE:
1st place= Bill Rogers (415)
2nd place= Frank Taormina (399)
3rd place= Paul Cooper (351)

See AL Reagle for details and/or to sign up.
All levels of players are accepted as long as approved by the league manager who will determine their ability to play safely.

For you new members and some of the old that may have forgotten, you must be present before 7:00 PM to be in the draw unless you contact me prior to 7:00 to inform me you will be running only a few minutes late. If you come at 7:01 and I have already made the draw, SORRY, you won't get to play that night. Don't expect an exception to be made for you because you think you have a good excuse. The rest of us are there on time and are ready to play on time. If you want to play with us then you be there on time.
Remember that you can always call me at 858-2305 and let me know if you will be a little late so I can put you in the draw. Be sure to stay on the line if I don't answer and leave a message in case I'm on the court playing. I always check my phone for messages before I do the draw so if you are running later than 7:00 PM, don't forget to call me.

This doubles league keeps getting better! You show up before 7:00 PM and you are guaranteed to play at 7:01 PM. No more waiting for everyone to show up! Only the players present at 7:00 PM play that night and everyone gets points for playing.  If you haven't joined yet, you can come by before 7:00 PM next Thursday and sign up to play. Don't miss out on the best thing going in doubles!


We request players wear "approved protective" eye wear at all times when playing racquetball.

League rules: 

  1. Only players that have league fee paid in advance are eligible to play.
  2. Teams will be selected from the players present at 7:00 pm. The first player of each team
    will be selected from the top half of the Player Skill List. The second player of each team will
    be selected by random draw of the remaining members on the Skill List not already selected.
  3. Skill levels of players will be determined by the league manager and may change.
  4. The league manager will determine the number of points per game and may change the game format to “rapid score” depending on the number of players present.
  5. Each team starts off with a cumulative handicap as listed behind names.
  6. Servers will alternate sides after each point. The receiving team may only change position after a service side out.
  7. Serves must enter designated receivers side of court to be in play, otherwise a fault serve may be called by receiving team.
  8. Designated receiving player’s partner may not poach any serves before the designated receiving player has had an opportunity to return it.
  9. All teams receive 2 points for each game played.
  10. The winner of each game receives 2 extra points per game won.
  11. Points as determined above will be totaled and entered on the league score sheet.
  12. Total points at the end of the 18 weeks of play, determines the league winners. Each player's
    two lowest scores during the league will be replaced by their average up to the average score for the night of play.
  13. In the event a player on a team is unable to continue because of an injury and/or any other reason, no substitutions will be allowed. The remaining player can elect to continue playing scheduled matches without a partner and will be allowed two serves.
  14. Any player that checks in after 7pm and/or is present but elects not to play for any reason will receive the minimum available points for the night.

See AL REAGLE by court 1 to sign up. (Monday & Thursday nights 6-10pm & Saturday mornings 9am - 2pm)


Thurday night "Doubles" league manager, Al Reagle (504) 858-2305

Click here to go to THURSDAY scores page.

Click on names below to send an email.

AL Reagle

Esmeralda Graham

Frank Taormina

Bill Rogers

Scott Mitchel

Steve Fall

David Daube

John Bienvenu

Howard Harper

Glenn Harris

Earl Teabout



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