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For information about this league click here to contact Al Schof, 225-936-4508.

We request players wear "approved protective" eye wear at all times when playing racquetball.

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1st AL Schof
2nd Guy Keller
3rd Arthur Russel

See AL Schof to sign up. Only signed up members can play.
No designated teams other than who is present and wants to play.
1 Point Per Game Played + 3 Points Per Game Won
League will run 18 weeks, Tuesday nights from 7pm - 10pm.

Click here to go to TUESDAY scores page.


NOTE: If this page has not been updated for the current week or has an error, please contact AL Reagle, thanks.

Click on names below to send an email.

Al Schof

Guy Keller

Jim Russo

Bill Deibel

Anthony Zeringue

Sean Dedebant

Earl Teabout

Arthur Roussel

John Bienvenu

Jim DelCano

Glenn McLellan



Click here to go to TUESDAY Player Contact Numbers.

All members will be started off with a Skill Score as determined by the league manager. Open=3500, A=3000 and B=2500. The Skill Score will adjust as you play matches and will be posted on the Tuesday League page once a week before each Tuesday. Players challenge a league member any day or time during the league, (preferably Tuesday nights) and play 3 games to 11 points. After the match they must record the outcome as a win or loss on the league results page posted on the league board and/or send a text message to AL Reagle at (504) 858-2305. Members can play more than one match Tuesday night as long as it is member they haven't played yet.  Any challenge not accepted on Tuesday night will be considered a loss after the second refusal unless it would be the second match that night. After the first refusal the second challenge must be approved and scheduled by the league manager, (Al Schof).

NOTE: As this is a new type league for us, it is expected the rules of play will be subject to change as determined by the league managers. Once the Skill Scoring system is in use awhile the scores will reflect the true level of play of our members. Any suggestions how we can improve this ladder league are encouraged.


Be sure to post your results on the league schedule posted on the "League bulletin board" beside "Court 1".

Good luck to everyone!


Tuesday night "Advanced" league manager, Al Schof  (225) 936-4508

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