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WEDNESDAY "Intermediate/Advanced" LEAGUE

For information about this league, contact Pattie Schof, the league manager. pbschof1(at)aol.com, cell# (504) 491-6732

We request players wear "approved protective" eye wear at all times when playing racquetball.

This page last updated 21-Oct-2021 9:22 PM

League schedule for October 27th:
Please be sure to post your scores on the league board beside court one!

6 PM>  tba
7 PM>  5v3, 6v2, 7v16
8 PM>  tba
9 PM>  11v12

NOTE: If this page has not been updated for the current week or has an error, please contact AL Reagle, thanks.

UNPLAYED MATCHES as of October 20th:
4v11, 15v13, 1v13, 4v7, 1v12, 13v11, 2v7, 4v5, 1v11, 13v9, 14v8, 15v7, 13v7, 11v7, 13v5, 16v2, 15v16, 1v7, 11v3, 12v2, 13v16, 1v6, 7v5, 11v16, 12v15, 13v14, 1v5, 7v3, 11v14, 12v13,

Click here to go to WEDNESDAY full league schedule.

Click on names below to send an email.

Pattie Schof

Dan Maloney

Glenn Gillen

Preston Wierzba

James Talbot

Lawrence Duplantis

Brian Ricard

Abhi Batra

Neil Saia

Eric Curson

Larry Antonini

B.J. Kruse

Esmeralda Graham

John Bienvenu


, Any matches not played on their scheduled date, (or rescheduled date) as explained in the "Forfeit Rules" will result in a zero (F) score being posted for one player and 33 for the other player, or depending on the circumstances as determined by the league manager, a zero (F) score may be posted for both players.

For WEDNESDAY playoff schedule CLICK HERE

Click here to go to WEDNESDAY Player Contact Numbers.

Everyone should be sure to read the " Forfeit Rules" and the "General League Rules" posted on the web and the league bulletin board beside "Court 1". If you can't play a scheduled match be sure to contact your opponent and the league manager (Al Reagle) to schedule a makeup match within two (2) weeks.

A player that receives a forfeit for not showing up and/or not contacting their opponent & league manager ( Al Reagle) to reschedule the match in a timely manner may only play the match to remove the forfeit if the opponent & league manager agrees. The opponent that received 33 for the forfeit will retain his original score of 33.

Be sure to post your scores on the league schedule posted on the "League bulletin board" beside "Court 1".

Good luck to everyone!


Wednesday night "C-Intermediate" league manager, Pattie Schof pbschof1(at)aol.com cell# (504) 491-6732

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